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About Us

Thirty-five years ago, while an "intrepid" exporer in Antarctica, we made occasional visits to the station clothing store. My favorite items were brightly-colored Australian merino-wool socks. I used to grab a pair of red, and a pair of green, and wear them as "port and starboard" socks.

Questions about my odd-sock habit were met with "I have another pair, just the same".

Years later, my sister sent me a pair of red Australian merino wool socks, and reminded me of "port and starboard socks".

Now, we have searched the world for wonderful socks, clothing and accessories, and bring them to you - with a "Port and Starboard®" flair.

We also have strong connections to the sea and sailing. Rob's uncle was the famous mariner Alan Villiers who was captain of the Mayflower II in 1957, and owner of the Joseph Conrad, now at Mystic Seaport.


Happy sailing!

Rob & Vivian Wills