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On Cape Cod for the Summer


We are happy to be back on the Cape for the summer. Vivian's family has spent the warmer months here in Harwich, MA, for the last 41 years.

Joining us this year are two sailboats - a Vanguard C420 recently retired from the Bass River Yacht Club, and an AMF Apollo.

The Apollo has an interesting story; I needed a trailer to move the 420, and found a likely candidate up the coast in Kingston, MA.

The seller said that there was one provision in the sale - if I wanted the trailer, I needed to take the boat that was on it.


It's a pretty looking 16 footer that was designed by Bruce Kirby (who later designed the Laser) for Alcort/AMF.

So it's a precursor to the sunfish and the laser in some ways.

Only 1000 made, it has a reputation for being fast but a little unstable.

I need a rudder and some work on the mast step to make it whole.

Otherwise it's ready to go, and I'm excited to try it.

All the best for your summer - 

Rob & Vivian Wills