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Sock FAQ


Which color goes on which foot?

Well it depends..

If you consider yourself the "water craft", put red on your left foot and green on the right.

However if you:

-          Want to annoy other boaters,

-          Are particularly contrarian,

-          Can’t tell whether you are coming or going, or

-          Feel you are always going backwards –

Then wear green on the left foot and red on right. This multi-functionality comes at no extra charge!

How to respond to “You are wearing ODD SOCKS!”

                Say - "No I’m not, I have another pair just the same at home". (Note that to be truthful, this involves purchasing our socks in pairs of pairs, which makes the proprietors very happy.)

How about Red Right Returning

This is most appropriate if you are returning from boating to visit your spouse or significant other. Then it's OK to wear red on the right.

Socks and Sox 

Written by Robert Wills of www.portandstarboard.com

An engineer with a love of sailing and red and green socks. Rob founded the clothing brand PortandStarboard ® in 2012.

SOX is an acceptable plural form of the word SOCK. It is largely interchangeable with the word SOCKS.

Daniel Engber, a columnist for Slate, explains this in his 2005 article "Why the White Sox aren't the White Socks".


Basically, Engber attributes the abbreviation of "SOCKS" to "SOX" to the spelling reform movement of the early 1900s. Started by Noah Webster (of dictionary fame), the movement pushed for removing irregular spellings and eliminating silent letters. Thus, by 1910, SOX was a common way to spell "SOCK-Plural". It was mentioned in Mencken's book "The American Language" in 1921 as a "vigorous newcomer".

The famous "Boston Red Sox" took their x-name in 1907.

So - don't hold back; you can use SOX or SOCKS - it does not really matter..